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Grimm puts his money on Burnett in Comptroller’s Race

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Saying that it makes sense for voters to elect a candidate with financial sector experience to serve as the comptroller, US Rep. Michael Grimm announced on Tuesday he is endorsing Republican John Burnett for the job of watchdog over the city’s money.

“I’m doing this because the office of comptroller is that important to the city of New York,” Grimm said during the endorsement announcement on the sidewalk in front of Mike’s Hinsch’s, a diner on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge.

Burnett, 43, a first-time candidate for public office, is running against Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, a Democrat, for city comptroller. The two men are running to succeed John Liu, the city’s current comptroller.

Burnett, who was born in Brooklyn and currently lives in Harlem, is a 20-year veteran of the financial world. He has served as a vice president and director at Merrill Lynch and as a margin analyst for Morgan Stanley, among other positions.

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Staten Island’s Grimm Backs GOP Candidate John Burnett for Comptroller


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Rep. Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) on Tuesday backed Republican Wall Street veteran John Burnett for city comptroller, joining Burnett for a campaign swing through the St. George Ferry Terminal.

Grimm said that the comptroller is “one of the most important offices in the city,” responsible for overseeing the city’s $40 billion pension system and for auditing city agencies.

“When people keep talking about waste, fraud and abuse, the only way you’re getting rid of it is if the comptroller does their job,” Grimm said.

He also said the comptroller plays an important role in guiding the city financially and looking to grow the city economy.

“I want to see someone that hasn’t been through the ranks of New York City politics and bureaucracy,” Grimm said. “I want to see someone with private sector experience, with goal- and results-oriented optics, if you will.”

“We need someone who’s going to be able to advise the mayor, and not be beholden to the mayor,” Grimm said. “Someone who will objectively do what needs to be done and take on the tough issues. I think John Burnett epitomizes what I’m looking for.”

But Grimm acknowledged that it’s a tough year for Republicans. Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is well ahead of Republican Joe Lhota in the polls; there is no GOP candidate against Letitia James for public advocate, and the comptroller’s race flies under the radar in the best of years.

“There’s no question this is an uphill battle,” Grimm said. “But you gotta try. You have to give the voters options.”

Burnett said he was “honored” by the Grimm endorsement.

“He is highly respected,” said Burnett. “I appreciate the support across the board. It is definitely needed. This is the sort of race that is second-fiddle with respect to New York City politics. Sometimes it flies below the radar.”

Burnett is battling Democrat Scott Stringer in the Nov. 5 general election.

By  Tom Wrobleski of Staten Island Advance

John Burnett Touts Projects-to-Wall Street Tale

John Burnett, the Republican candidate for New York City comptroller, trumpets his projects-to-Wall Street path and his banking experience.

Bond Buyer

N.Y. City Comptroller Candidates Exchange Barbs

Republican John Burnett called Democrat Scott Stringer too political for the job of New York City comptroller in the only televised debate between the candidates, while Stringer, invoking the federal government shutdown in Washington, accused Burnett’s party of “trying to put New Yorkers out of business.”

Stringer and Burnett, in an open-seat race, are vying for the office that oversees the city’s bond program and five pension funds valued at $140 billion, and audits city agencies, among other tasks.

NY1 televised the debate Tuesday night.

Democrats outnumber Republicans 6-to-1 citywide. John Liu, who lost the Democratic mayoral primary, is vacating the office.

Stringer, Manhattan borough president, defeated former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in the Democratic primary while Burnett was unopposed in September.

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John Burnett Attacks Scott Stringer in Comptroller Debate

John-Burnett-edit2New Yorkers who have never heard of John Burnett may hear more about him today after he came out swinging in the comptroller debate against Scott Stringer on Tuesday night.

Burnett, a former Wall Streeter and the GOP candidate in the race, went on the offensive early in the debate.

“You’ve been in politics for 25 years and you owe a ton of favors. I’m surprised you still even have your own soul,” Burnett said during the NY1-hosted debate. “Maybe I shouldn’t be presumptuous. Maybe you actually sold that off a long time ago.”

He criticized Stringer for missing board meetings of the New York City Employee Retirement System.

“You just don’t show up. You are a failure,” Burnett said. Stringer attended 15 out of 165 meetings, he said.

Stringer brushed off most of his rival’s attacks, and tried to remind voters of his opponent’s party affiliation.

“What do you say to the people of New York City today when your party is shutting down the government and trying to put urban America out of business — especially our city, where the hardship would be devastating — all because your party does not want to see 927,000 people get insurance from the Affordable Care Act?” Stringer asked during the cross-examination portion of the debate.

Burnett responded by saying he shouldn’t be lumped together will all Republicans.

“That’s like saying he goes around with hookers because some other Democrat did it. That makes no sense. I’m John Burnett. I’m running on my own merit,” he said.

Both candidates will be on the ballot on Nov. 5. They could face off in another debate if Burnett reaches at least 10 percent in the polls. No polls have yet been conducted, according to NY1.

By  of Metro

Wall Streeter Burnett Attacks Stringer’s Political Ties In Comptroller Debate


The race for city comptroller has been largely an afterthought ever since Eliot Spitzer was knocked out in last month’s primary, but Tuesday night, the Democratic and Republican candidates squared off in their first televised debate right here on NY1, and one of them came out swinging. NY1′s Bobby Cuza filed the following report.

Republican John Burnett is a virtual unknown, facing long odds in his race against Democratic nominee Scott Stringer. One way to get noticed, of course, is by drawing blood, so on Tuesday night, he went on the attack right from the start.

“You’ve been in politics for 25 years and you owe a ton of favors. I’m surprised you still even have your own soul,” Burnett said. “Maybe I shouldn’t be presumptuous. Maybe you actually sold that off a long time ago.”

Reviving a line of attack used by Spitzer, Burnett knocked Stringer, who, as Manhattan Borough President, is trustee of a city pension fund, for missing its board meetings.

“You just don’t show up,” Burnett said. “You’re a failure.”

He also sought to contrast his two decades of experience in financial services with Stringer’s career in politics.

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John Burnett Lashes Out at Scott Stringer in Comptroller Debate


NEW YORK—Without a name-brand Republican on the ticket, the televised debate between the candidates for the New York City comptroller’s office on Oct. 8 was expected to be nothing more than a formality.

But John Burnett, the Republican candidate who entered the race in late June, delivered some memorable moments while taking on Democrat Scott Stringer in the first and only comptroller debate before the general election.

After taking hits for being a Republican in a time when the party has unfavorable ratings due the government shutdown, Burnett went on the offensive. He criticized Stringer for his lack of financial experience and poor attendance record at The New York City Employee Retirement System (NYCERS) meetings.

“You just don’t show up. You are a failure,” Burnett said. Stringer attended 15 out of 165 meetings, and none in the last three years.

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