What Is A Comptroller?

When I Am Comptroller, I Will

What Does the Comptroller Do?

The New York City Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer of the City of New York. The office requires a trustworthy professional that is independent and has experience in portfolio investment management, audit, compliance, contract administration registration and oversight, as well as matters that relate to the City’s operations and financial transactions.

The 4 primary roles of the Comptroller are to:

1. Oversee the management of the 5 New York City Pension Funds.
2. Audit the City’s agencies.
3. Organize, recommend and provide advice regarding the City’s 78 billion dollar annual budget.
4. Manage a professional staff of approximately 700 employees.

The Comptroller of New York City duty is to execute his or her duties and responsibilities in an ethical manner to safeguard the financial health of the City.

Pension Plan Reform:

Combining the pension plans into one comprehensive plan will save New York City millions in administrative costs and fees.

Government Accountability and Transparency:

I support real fiscal and independent reforms for all boroughs and will leverage my 20 years of experience with audit and compliance to develop citywide risk assessments and corrective action plans to optimize value, reduce fiscal waste and fraud.

Jobs & Economic Development:

Well-paying jobs and a mixed economy are vital to the growth and preservation of maintaining a strong middle class.

Minority and Women Business Development:

My goal is to ensure city contracts and pension fund management are awarded to corporations, small businesses and individuals in a manner that represent the city’s composition.